Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2nd posting-Enhance writing skill through blogging

According to DailyWritingTips, there are five reasons why blogging improves writing.

One of the reasons is getting feedback. A piece of writing without readers is incomplete, therefore readers play an important role. When we post our writing on our blogs, our readers can give us comments, or sometimes they mail us or link us to their own blogs. When they comment, we will know what other thinks about our writing, whether it is informative and interesting. If we receive all the good and bad comments, it will motivates and encourages us to improve our writing skills.

Having readers for our blog is also another reason that we are able to improve our writing. As i mention above, it doesn't seems right when we blog and blog but no ones reads it. Just knowing that we have our readers who is waiting for our post will drives us to write and share with them our piece of work. I agree with this, and this can relate to my own experience. I was in Taiwan for almost three months after finishing my STPM exam. When I am there, I blog a lot! I blogged because i know my family and friends who are my readers are waiting to know how's my life in Taiwan. Therefore, even though my posting might be short, i still post it because i know my readers are waiting for it.

Different people have different way of blogging. Most blogger just blog about their everyday life. There are also some blogger who only blog about certain issues, for instance political issues, travelling, foods or for education purposes.

I don't really have a favourite blog where I always visit. Most of the blogs I visit are my friends blog, and it is through blogs I get in touch with their on-going life.

For me, I blog about my everyday life. Not that i blog every single day, but I'll just blog some of the significant events in my life. Through blogging, I learn to express my thoughts in words, which until now I am still learning. I think it depends on the mood of writing. Sometimes you have all sorts of thoughts, plenty of them, but you just don't know how to out them into words. But when you're in the mood of writing, a total crap of writing can turn out to be a wonderful piece of writing.

So, start blogging people! Not just because it helps to enhance our writing skill, because it is fun too! =)


  1. Good to hear that you are having fun blogging. Hope that blogging will be a part of your lifestyle and you benefit from it as well. You actually need to find an article about blogging and discuss one of your favorite blogs.

  2. Datin, I did find an article about how blogging improves writing. I don't really have a favourite blogs, I mostly just read my friends' blog to find out what they're up to.