Monday, March 16, 2009

3rd posting-Search Engines (Vrooommm...)

In our 3rd posting, we are asked to discuss about some of the search engines available in the Internet.


  • Have different categories that you can search on, such as webs, jobs, videos, Yellow Pages and etc.
  • Language available are English and French.
  • Results of website found are in numbering.
  • No categories available.
  • Language available in English.
  • Advanced search and preferences are available.
  • Suitable for scholars.
Eric Digest
  • No categories available.
  • Language available is English.
  • Can search from the web or
  • The homepage gives an introduction of Eric Digest.
  • Have different categories that you can search on, such as webs, news, shopping, jobs and etc.
  • Language available is English.
  • Advanced search and preferences are available.
  • Search assist is available.

Before I give comment on the search engines above, let me explain a few things that I've mentioned above.

Fisrtly, advanced search. Through advances search, we can choose the language that we want our searches to be done. We also can specify from which country we want to search on. Besides, we also can focus on the exact words that we want to search. For instance, we can choose to search from words or phrases, or even from the title or from the URL.

Secondly, preferences. In this, we can select the language that we prefer to use on the search engine. We can also choose the numbers of results display in a page, for example 10 in a page or 20 in a page.

I never heard of Mamma and EricDigest before being introduced by our lecturers. Search engines that I am familiar with are Google and Yahoo!.

One of the similarites that can be found in Mamma and Yahoo! is they both have different category for searches to be done. These includes the categories for webs, jobs, videos, shopping and etc. For example we want to look at videos about early childhood education, we can simply type it in the videos category and get what we want. On the contrary, GoogleScholar and EricDigest does not offer us to search in different categories.

In GoogleScholar and Yahoo!, we can see they are similar by offering advanced search and preferences in their sites. Both terms are especially useful for searcher because we can specify our search on certain language or from which country.

Mamma is different from the others where it has numbering on the websites found. This is useful for searcher to make a record on which websites they have look in and which they have not.

I make a search on "Early Childhood Education" in all four of the search engines above and below is the results of each search engines.
It is clearly shown that GoogleScholar and Yahoo! offers more result than Mamma and EricDigest.

Through this assginment, I know more search engines that offered online and I am looking forward to be a more efficient user on these search engines. =)

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  1. Evon, more hits dont mean that it is better as you will have a lot of problems downsizing your hits. Anyway, you still need to expore more and eric digest. By doing so you will be able to know whether they are useful or not.