Sunday, March 29, 2009

5th posting-Concordance

Posting 5 requires us to look for articles related to Concordance.

I managed to found to sites which discuss about concordance. Below are the links.

1. Using concordance programs in the Modern Foreign Languages classroom
--List of uses of concordancing for language teachers

2. How to use concordances in teaching English
--Suggestions to teach

Both articles talks about how concordance is related to language, both in learning and teaching.

Concordance shows us the features of vocabulary, combinations of words, grammar rules and also the structure of a text. Below are examples of concordance on vocabulary and combination of words.

Concordance show us different usage of a single vocabulary. For example, the word 'bachelor' have two different meaning.

'John remained a bachelor all his life'
--unmarried man

'She graduated as a Bachelor of Arts'
--person who holds on first university degree

Combination of words
Most of these combination of words can be phrasal verbs. The word 'put' can be combined with different words.

'The students put in a lot of effort in completing their blog assignments.'

'She put off a date with her boyfriend due to the blog assignments she have yet to complete.'
--postpone or cancel a meeting or an engagement with somebody.

The two article focus more on language teaching using concordance. Concordance can use in gap-filling exercise, discover new meanings of vocabulary, explore grammar rule and so on.

As for me, this is the first time I was introduced to concordance. I personally think it's a good tool for a language students as it provides a lot of information to us through listing down the words in context.

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  1. Approved. please read more about concordancing and Im sure it will be useful in your 2nd and third year. the writing in this blog is rather small and wonder where is your music as background.